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Eddy Current Separator
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Eddy current separator is most suitable for recycling copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from industrial rubbish and MSW(Municipal Solid Waste). Nowadays, it's vastly used in the recycling industries of rubbish, automobiles, electronics, and the material processing of non-ferrous metals etc. It has better performance on recycling of many kinds of non-ferrous metals.

Eddy Current Separator Applications:

1.Electronic waste disposal (refrigerator dismantling line).

2.Separation of aluminum cans and ferrous metals.

3.Separate aluminum or copper block from the sections of abandoned cars.

4.Separate non-ferrous metals from the glass scrap.

5.Separate non-ferrous metal impurities in some production lines(such as plastic recycling production line).

6.Separate non-ferrous metals from the wood.

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